Reaves Insurance Consultants, Inc.

How we can help your company and employees:

  • You will get a professional partner who can assist you in designing programs and strategies tailored to your company's needs.
  • Enrollment process is focused on providing employee benefit education to assure employees make the best decisions for themselves and their families.
  • We will provide continued enrollment support for your new employees as they become eligible throughout the year.
  • All of our voluntary benefits work with your existing core benefits to fill gaps and provide additional protection.
  • Most plans are Section 125 qualified, thereby generating additional dollars to your bottom line.
  • Most supplemental plans are fully portable with no COBRA involvement
  • We can provide benefit statements that let you communicate to your employees the total dollar value of their benefits program in addition to their salary.

How will this benefit employees?

  • Participation is completely voluntary - employees choose from a menu of coverages you offer
  • Coverage is available for spouse and children
  • Convenient payroll deductions of premiums
  • Coverage is portable which allows employees to continue coverage if they terminate employment
  • Enrollment is easy, with a simple application process and fast approvals
  • Quick response to claims processing questions
  • Most plans are Section 125 qualified, thereby generating additional savings to the employee
ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL - Today's workforce is more diverse than at any point in previous history and the insurance needs are vastly different for each of them.  We have single parents with multiple dependents, dual income families with no dependents, families supporting an elderly dependent, etc... Employees need to have the flexibility of choosing the right benefits that fit their individual needs and the needs of their families.  

Voluntary Benefits - The perfect solution to allow your employees to choose the right benefits for themselves at no cost to the company.